Episode 8: Little You Life Love and Lessons on Your Wounded Inner Child and Understanding Your Adult Self
Judge Lynn Toler, multi-year host of nationally syndicated #divorcecourt, along with Dr. Ish Major, One of America’s Top #Psychiatrists, Author and #Dating Expert, #psychologist and #meditation expert Alyssa Gruber, and #socialworker #TEDx speaker and #professor Louisa Eyler educate on wounded inner child work to heal your painful past, discuss Peter Pan Syndrome, and enlighten the big kid in all of us with the power of imagination.

Live Expert Panel
Judge Lynn Toler (Life) – Lawyer and Retired Judge
Dr. Ish Major (Love) – Board Certified Psychiatrist & Relationship Expert
Alyssa Gruber (Light) – Psychologist, Addiction and Trauma Specialist
Louisa Eyler (Lessons) -Transformation Expert, Therapist, Professor

The world is changing every day, and people are having to deal with emotions—anger, anxiety, fear, phobia, stress and more. Beneath many issues is a lack of love. Neglect that often begins in childhood leaves invisible scars that create difficulty in romantic love relationships and life in general. Self-defeating behavior and emptiness create low self-esteem and renders individuals powerless to change feeling hopeless, helpless, incompetent, unlovable, and afraid. It is time for new information, new goals, and radical self-acceptance to start sorting out the relationship with yourself, others, and many of the problems of life.

If you are in an abusive relationship, and need information about Domestic Violence, www.thehotline.org can help. 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

“Little You” Musical Selection provided by: Donna Jean Foster

Life Love and Lessons Livestream Talk Show, produced by: Louisa Eyler