Episode 3: Aggravated, Agitated and Annoyed
The world is changing every day, and people are having to deal with emotions—anger, anxiety, fear, phobia, stress and more. Beneath many issues is a lack of love. Neglect that often begins in childhood leaves invisible scars that create difficulty in romantic love relationships and life in general. Self-defeating behavior and emptiness create low self-esteem and renders individuals powerless to change feeling hopeless, helpless, incompetent, unlovable, and afraid. It is time for new information, new goals, and radical self-acceptance to start sorting out the relationship with yourself, others, and many of the problems of life.

Live Expert Panel

Talk Show Judge Lynn Toler – Lawyer and Retired Judge
Dr. Ish Major – Board Certified Psychiatrist & Relationship Expert
Alyssa Gruber – Psychologist, Addiction and Trauma Specialist
Louisa Eyler – Transformation Expert, Therapist, Professor